Minissha's bikini woes

Minissha Lamba apparently felt short-changed after a bikini shoot didn't go quite as expected

Donning a teeny-weeny bikini is not a tough task for Minissha Lamba. After all, she wore one in her film Kidnap. However, for a photo shoot recently where she was supposed to sport a bikini, the actress allegedly almost changed her mind at the last moment.

Our source present at the photo shoot says that the actress was given a particular written brief by the representatives of the magazine. However, after the shoot began, the actress realised that it was not quite what it was supposed to be.
Then, apparently she threw a fit. The source says, `Soon after Minissha started shooting, she realised that the concept explained to her was quite different.` Apparently, post that Minissha put her foot down and refused to go ahead with the shoot.

Our source adds that it took almost two hours for the magazine's crew to convince the actress that all was well and states, `She looked uncomfortable. However after a conversation with the crew, she went ahead with the shoot.` Minissha however denies our story and says, `There was no problem at all. In fact, it was a great experience.` Theekh hai!



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