Bipasha wishes to join Rs 100 Cr Club

Bipasha has clearly announced that from now onwards she wants to do only meaningful films which will attain her respect as an actress. Bip's says she knows she is good looking and loves the compliments like bombshell, sexy and hot, but now she is done with the looks part.

According to Bipasha, at present she desperately wants fleshy roles and wants to entertain public by doing entertaining films, where she achieves respect of being an actor as a woman. Furthermore, she is also quite keen to do commercial films which bring lots of money, and thus she seriously wants to be associated with the Rs.100 cr club.

The 33-year-old stunning beauty says you need not do the art films to prove your acting caliber, and thus presently Bips is focusing to do the 100 crore type of film where she gets to loosen up and the hero does all the rest.

Well, all the very best Bips and we too hope that all your 100 crores dreams come true!


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