Kim Kardashian Was Refused a Star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame

Kim Kardashian was not allowed to have her own star at Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame in LA. She had reportedly mentioned that she wished to rebel against the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who permit the stars to have their place in the coveted pavement. Kim was denied permission for the same instantly.

As a matter of fact, one of the criteria laid down is that the star who is being given this honor must have received any award of substance such as the Oscars, the Emmys or even the SAG Awards. Apart from this the star needs to be into the career of showbiz for a duration of not less than five years.

Kim Kardashian failed in this aspect as she has only done a guest role in a couple of films and that's where it ended.

Unfortunately Kim also failed to match the criteria set down for reality stars, Kim its' tough to be a star and to be one on the famed Hollywood Boulevard will take you ages. And you surely must have known it by now!


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