Naughty Chitrangada liked 'Fakht you'

Lyrics of Chitrangada Singh's item number "Kafirana" from just-released "Joker" has been changed, but the actress says that she liked the original lyrics much better.

The lyrics have been changed from "Fakht you" to "Just you" to avoid any controversy.

"Personally, I like the original version. I know it's a bit naughty, but the idea was for it not to be offensive. So keeping that in mind, this one is also nice. But I like the original better," she told reporters at an event here.

Talking about the censor board's cuts, the actress feels that some of their actions are necessary, others not required.

"I think till a limit, censorship is right. There is too much exposure. You think of the kids most of the times, they should not have access to such things. But sometimes, we just push it a bit too much. It's not required sometimes," she said.

Directed by Shirish Kunder, "Joker" stars Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. 


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