“Powers Of One” Illusion

ust because we haven’t talked about Bev Doolittle for some time now, doesn’t mean we think any less of her extraordinary talent. But there’s one great mistake I keep repeating – each time we feature some of HER magnificent art, I wrongfully presume Bev is a guy. No matter how many times you corrected me on this, I keep forgetting what you have told me. I’d like to make up for this by sharing a short bio of the artist:

Bev Doolittle is one of America’s most collected artists. Crowded with intricate visual detail, haunted by presences seen and unseen, her paintings captivate the viewer on many levels. Traveling throughout the west in a camper, Bev had the luxury of time to develop her unique style. Her signature painting, “Pintos“, proved to be a dramatic departure point for Bev when her evolving style and technique merged with her love of nature to create what would become virtually a new genre.

She is often called a “camouflage artist” because her distinctive use of context, design and pattern help viewers discover meanings which seem hidden only until they become obvious.

Having all this in mind, after viewing rest of her opus (links in this article), try and see as many hidden animals there are in this picture. Don’t stop after you’ve only seen one or two – there are much more to be discovered!


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