Sonic Boom Out of Supersonic Jet Plane Flight

You must have heard that peculiar thunder clap hitting your ear like a whip when you see a jet plane or more precisely a “super sonic” jet plane pass by over your head, obviously much higher than your actual head. This phenomena in a science-geek lingo is termed as a super sonic boom. When a really fast plane travels at a speed greater than the speed of sound, then the moment it crosses that sound barrier, a shock wave is created much like that a boat creates in a bow wave.

You must be thinking why we are discussing the history and science behind the stuff and why not doing what we are here for, create fun from everything around. We are less interested in telling the science behind, although a little might just make it more interesting, and more enthusiastic about showing the phenomena to you!!! And so we have it here, the most bizarre, yet amazing super sonic boom photos taken just at the right time. Look at them for yourselves.


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