Spot The Object / Rupees Illusion

There is a word hidden on this Rupee bill. It’s quite large and pretty obvious if you ask me, now that I know of it. Can you spot it? If not, try opening this post for explanation where it lyes, you’ll wonder how you didn’t notice it before… There’s also Illusion concerning 5 Canadian dollars inside this post.

And here’s the solution:

Another bill concerning optical illusion:

In 1954, the Bank of Canada issued a new bill with the engraving of Queen Elisabeth II on it. But then the bank started receiving complaints : people saw the face of the devil in the Queen’s hair, right behind her ear. I don’t think it’s very convincing, but the bank did: they destroyed all bills and reprinted them with a slightly changed version. Here you can see what was it all about. Not so impressive as the case with Rupees ;)


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