Why Akshay Kumar Starrer Joker collected less than Sunny Leone’s Jism 2?

The movie Joker had the perfect combination required for a hit movie. The leading actor and the actress in Bollywood – Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. Produced and Directed by husband-wife duo Shirish Kunder and Farah Khan, who hails from a filmy background and definitely knows the mantra for a hit film. Akshay Kumar has begun this year on a roll with his two movies Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore becoming huge box office hits.

However seems like Akshay could not create the same magic in Joker as he did in his earlier two movies. Jism 2 on the other hand, was a gamble. Director Pooja Bhatt went against the odds and roped in an adult film actress Sunny Leone, to make her debut in Bollywood. Arunodaya Singh who’s also a newcomer, and Randeep Hooda who is still yet to make his mark in movies were casted to act alongside her. However Jism 2 managed to make more money at the box office collections than Joker. One one hand Jism 2 made 33 Crores plus on the other Joker made a mere 20 Crores plus in it’s 1st week, and it is highly unlikely for the movie to even cross 30 Crores.

Talking about the scripts both the films had very fictional scripts. Joker talks of how a rumour about aliens invading a small village in India has the media go in a frenzy. While Jism 2 talks of a tried and tested script of a good-cop gone bad, and a jilted lover all set to extract revenge. Going by the numbers Joker made 4.60 crores approx on the opening day in box office collections, while Jism 2 made 7.50 crores approx on the opening day.

Going by the responses people seemed to cite a poor script for Joker, however Jism 2 scored brownie points on the love- making scenes between Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda. Akshay and Sonakshi on the other hand had a fizzed out chemistry in Joker. Jism 2 which was shot in exotic locales in Sri Lanka seemed to have also worked out well for the film’s popularity. Joker’s locations seemed exactly like a film’s set shot in any studio. The songs of both the films weren’t that great either. Chitrangada Singh who performed on “I want justa you” an hot item song in Joker, did not create that impact . The song “Maula “ from Jism 2 did become a hit than the other songs in the album.

However, a few love making scenes cant be the only deciding factor of a movie’s reception. A long standing debate in Bollywood seems to rise, again- Does Sex Really Sell in Bollywood?


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